About Us

Who we are

When the world becomes digital, need of information technology-related services and hardware demands are quite natural in most of the business sectors. By understanding the market demands, as an evolving team, we equipped ourselves in many ways to fulfill all your digital needs. Accordingly, it makes us approachable for all our clients. TOTCI is one of the best IT and Hardware service providers in Dubai.

Totci’s expert team guides you in all aspects of Data management and Hardware related services according to your needs. Our research team mainly focuses on current successful market trends. Meanwhile, by taking a look at past triumphs, It helps us to find the ultimate solution for our clients.


At present, by providing high quality managed IT services all over Dubai. Sequentially, while implementing new technologies and service packages, it becomes mandatory to ensure our customer-friendly approach. We feel proud for being with our clients throughout the Data management cycle in an effective way. As a consequence, it increases their productivity and ensures hassle-free business


Being industrious and for our credibility, we will be recognized as the best IT service provider in Dubai. Undoubtedly, it’s a result of retaining our exceptional performances in all of our sectors, such as IT infrastructure, Hardware and Digital marketing services in Dubai. By considering this as an advantage, we drive towards our passion to create an impression throughout the middle-east. Obviously, with our customer-centric approach and innovative solution helps us to become a market leader.

Exigent Companion

By analyzing, what really suits your business? Meanwhile, we focus on your expectations and budget. Our service team is more familiar with routine procedures. Therefore, it becomes easy to handle regular as well as emergency services

Streamlined Delivery

Our timely approach is the reason for retaining successful Data recovery and backup services in Dubai. Being mindful of your time values, we gain trust by providing an exceptional experience to our reliable clients

Quality Service

Beyond consistent quality in our service. Our caring approach towards you is achieved by suggesting the best things in the market. By remarkable performance and routine care, it definitely helps a lot in business growth. To retain the quality, we never hesitate to learn from our mistakes


Even a single penny of our clients never been wasted. Concurrently, we always intended to recommend only quality products. Along with our affordable service always satisfies your needs. We match your budget and never compromise in quality aspects at any cost

Tech Rookie

Implementing new technologies in current projects gives a different approach and it has a lot of advantages in cost as well as performance aspects. So we frequently try new technologies with our R&D team to provide advanced services

24/7 Support

We always work according to your needs on time. Based on the requirements or problems, TOTCI offers you high quality managed IT and Hardware services in Dubai from start to end.