Digital Marketing Services

Like Traditional marketing, when there is an impact of digital media in people’s life. Consequently, there is a need for digital marketing will increase to promote brands. Through proper digital marketing strategies, one can achieve predictable exposure in the competitive market. Likewise, Digital media comprises of same real-time information in the most attractive and reachable formats.

According to the business and its location, implementation methods may vary to reach the target audience. Simultaneously, we can track the performance of all methods is considered a major advantage of applying digital marketing in modern-day business.

Many successful strategies have been followed in Digital marketing. Due to the diversifying methods and market requirements of a particular business, our experts will create a unique plan that produces great results. Altogether, we follow the best tactics by our skilled marketing team that satisfies any kind of market expectations.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) 
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Geo Targeting
  • Website Design
  • Web Hosting
  • Email Services
  • Press Release
  • Online Advertising
  • Info-graphics Design

Simple way to get High Quality Digital marketing services in Dubai

Online presence becomes mandatory in this digital world to achieve great heights in any business. By realizing TOTCI provides highend digital marketing services in Dubai

In addition, TOTCI also have different types of data security and recovery solutions based on business expectations. While developing the IT Infrastructure, our customer-friendly approach satisfies all your expectations. Therefore, it creates a perfect digital environment in a more secure way, throughout the year.

For more details contact us for the best AMC plans, Hardware and IT Infrastructure services in Dubai.

Step 1:
Based on your requirements, we plan along with competitor analysis to provide best solution
Step 2:
According to your business demand, we suggest the best digital marketing services according to your budget
Step 3:
We complete the work within the deadline mentioned by us


  • To promote your website or your business location SEO becomes mandatory in digital world.
  • Websites or businesses listed in the search engines should be optimized by implementing several strategies in digital marketing.
  • SEO is one of the effective marketing strategies to build brands. TOTCI’s digital experts guide you to choose the right SEO solution in Dubai for your business demands
  • Four major types of SEO strategies helps in Digital Marketing are
    On-page SEO | Off-Page SEO | Technical SEO | Local SEO


One of the most commonly used digital marketing technique, suggested by most of the digital media experts. At TOTCI we have best social media packages that satisfy most of the startups and existing business people marketing needs. As a result it becomes most recommended by our clients

We work on social media platforms such as

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instgram
  • Youtube
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest


In digital medium, role of quality content becomes inevitable to make the audience engaged also for optimization of search engines. Content can be used in different formats such as text, info graphics, and videos etc. We have professional content creators team helps you to generate quality content for digital marketing needs

Website Content | Press Releases | Infographic Content | Online Education Content | Technical Content | Legal Document Content | Newsletters | Video Content | Blog | Articles | Social Media Content



Website is the only best medium available to express our business details in the digital media that reaches millions of people easily. Additionally, there is a need to develop websites in an attractive way. For that, we provide most latest and most responsive features in web designing. Thereby, an interactive website can be achieved by us for your business in an effective and affordable way.

Static Websites | Dynamic Websites | E commerce Websites | Education Websites | Live Streaming Websites | Educational Website | Personal Websites | Blogs | Directories | Family Tree Websites | Crowd Funding Websites | Brochure websites | Catalog Websites | VR & AR Websites | Tourism Websites | Non-Profit Websites | Portfolio Websites 



We have a well-experienced team to develop Android and IOS applications according to recent trends. Notably, vast experience in multiple sectors such as Finance, E-commerce and Gaming helps us to create all kinds of applications. Most of our projects are successful by implementing all success factors in the development modules.

By giving vision to your requirements, TOTCI apps are more interactive as well as cost-effective. Our APP development experts have multi-experience in the areas of Native along with Ionic domains helps us to satisfy your demands in the areas of application development

Android | IOS | Windows



Pay per click or search engine marketing is considered as one of the effective way to reach the target audience in the competitive digital environment. By placing display ads in the search engines, it becomes easier to promote business in online at any time. We help you to create PPC campaigns and digital advertisements.

Google Ads | Facebook Advertising | Instagram Advertising | Youtube Ads | Bing Ads | Twitter Ads

How does it works?

If you are a startup or an existing business owner looking for digital marketing services in Dubai, simply contact us to get best digital marketing services. After collecting the basic requirements from your side, our TOTCI Digital media expert team will visit your location or support you remotely.

Based on your business demand, we help you to choose the affordable digital marketing service which is also effective to promote your business at online.  We will complete the campaigns or designing works based on your demands within the deadline mentioned by us. For your data safety we go through regular checkups and follow preventive measure to avoid cyber-attacks in the cloud environment and database of your websites and social media.

Our Data security team ensures your data safety and you can contact the Data Recovery Team to handle the existing security threats and to recover the lost or corrupted data in your digital platforms.

We also have ticket support for our esteemed clients for remote support as well as onsite support will be provided according to your needs.

Running your digitized business in a peaceful way is assured by us at affordable packages