Data Security

Most of the organization works with most sensitive data, without proper security features. As a result, theft or data loss may occur at any time. Data must be processed in a right way to avoid loss or hacks. Ultimately, secure data becomes mandatory in digital world to handle our business data efficiently.

For that, TOTCI creates a perfect platform with proper insight, to handle data and network security. Along with data handling techniques and the consistent monitoring on data resources, helps to achieve safer environment.

Nowadays, Cyber-attacks are considered as big threat in handling business data. Our TOTCI team provides the best security features to prevent the malicious attacks from the intruders. Meanwhile, Internal attacks also monitored by using advanced technology solutions.

In addition, sensitive data like Finance, Business contracts, Biometrics and contacts in multiple platforms, becomes the target for intruders for so many reasons. To avoid that, we recommend the best data security solutions in Dubai according to your business needs. Most of our security programs are highly advanced and automated to ensure the safety of your data.

There are many types of security solutions available to handle the business data efficiently. After analyzing your location and existing system, we suggest the appropriate solution for data security and data recovery in Dubai.

We also evaluate the existing security methods by various testing strategies, to enhance the safety in your business. If the existing model is not reliable, we provide the best strategy for your data security.

We also provide Anti-virus and other essential software through remote and onsite installation. It has been available in our AMC packages on an hourly/monthly/yearly basis

We have flexible options that help you to choose the best plan based on your safety expectations.

Step 1:
Based on your requirements and onsite analysis. We also plan along with market analysis to provide best solution
Step 2:
According to your business demand, we suggest the best Data security features. It comprises of Desktops, Laptops, Modems, Memory components, Processors, Security and other essential devices
Step 3:
We complete the installation or maintenance work within the deadline mentioned by us

How does it work?

If you are a startup or an existing business owner, seeking Data security service in Dubai, simply contact us through any one of our channels. After getting the basic requirements from your side, our TOTCI expert team will visit your location.

Based on your business demand, we suggest the perfect security solutions at an affordable cost.  We will complete the Antivirus installation or regular checkups within the deadline mentioned by us in the agreement.

Our Data Recovery and Network Support Team is available to troubleshoot the existing security threats in your firm

We also have a ticket support facility for remote support as well as onsite support will be provided according to your needs.

We also provide Digital Marketing, IT Infrastructure, Hardware, Backup and maintenance services in Dubai

Running your digitized business in a peaceful way is assured by us at affordable packages

AMC Plan for Data Security services
Based on your priority we work for you 24/7.
Pro Plus

WHY TOTCI Data Security services?


Ø Perfect Infrastructure modules for new setups, Migration, Relocation and Remote demands.

Ø Consistent monitoring and Troubleshooting throughout the year from our AMC.

Ø Dedicated 24/7 call support for emergency issues and within 15 minutes ticket system support for remote handling.

Ø Cost-efficient Hourly/ monthly/ yearly support packages to save your money.

Ø Onsite visits within 3 to 4 hours with the Professional expert team, meanwhile remote diagnosis also carried out to save your time.

Ø Customized specialists are available 24/7 for support, Rebuild and installation.