Data Recovery

In digital world, data loss is considered as one of the big threats for entrepreneurs. Simply, it affects our reputation along with money and time. Moreover, it also ruins further productivity in our business.

At TOTCI, we follow secure methods in data recovery, to ensure the reliability of recovery process from your devices. In fact, we handle all kinds of components such as Hard disk, SSD, Pen drives, SD cards, Databases and servers to recover data.

TOTCI - Salvager of Data

Data loss can occur at any time for so many reasons. However, we have preventive services such as a Backup management facility to prevent data loss. In addition, our Data security service in Dubai helps you to handle data in safer environment.

On the contrary, in case of no backups or sudden data loss in the existing system, we help you to resolve it. Significantly, different methods are available to recover the data which has been deleted accidentally. Subsequently, we also handle data loss due to physical damage in hardware components or corrupted files

Reasons for Data loss:

Accidental deletion of data: Sometimes we accidentally delete our data in certain situations like overwriting the files.

File corruption: Files get corrupted in many conditions such as poor or lack of security, Software malfunctioning, sudden power issues, also by the improper shutdown, Software issues, Malware attacks and many other reasons

Sometimes online theft through intruder attacks even physical damages cause data loss

Step 1:
We recover either by remote or onsite services
Step 2:
According to your needs we provide the recovered data in appropraite formats
Step 3:
We also recommend data security and backup services for your business and complete the installation within the deadline mentioned by us

How does it work?

We have both remote and onsite recovery facilities to recover your valuable business data. After diagnosing the issue, we fix the deadline for data recovery. Within the time, we recover the maximum possible data by using advanced methods. Later it has been given to you in a recommended medium in working condition.

After recovery, we also recommend an overall checkup for the devices too

We also provide Anti-virus and other essential software in Dubai through remote and onsite installation. It has been available in our AMC packages on an hourly/monthly/yearly basis

We have flexible options that help you to choose the best plan based on your safety expectations.

Prevention is better than cure. If you are looking for Data security services in Dubai, simply dial or mail us at [email protected]. After getting the basic requirements from your side, our TOTCI expert team will visit your location.

Based on your business demand, we suggest the perfect security solutions at an affordable cost.  We will complete the Antivirus installation or regular checkups within the deadline mentioned by us in the agreement.

We also have ticket support for our esteemed clients for remote support as well as onsite support will be provided according to your needs.

Running your digitized business in a peaceful way is assured by us at affordable packages

We also have an emergency package for our clients for super-fast recovery. The normal package is also available for normal recovery options within 7 to 10 days. 

AMC Plan for Data Recovery services

Based on your priority we work for you 24/7 

LOW priority

WHY TOTCI Data Recovery services?


Ø Perfect Infrastructure modules for New setups, Migration, Relocation and Remote demands
Ø Consistent monitoring and Troubleshooting throughout the year for our installed setups
Ø Dedicated 24/7 call support for emergency issues and within 15 minutes ticket system support for remote handling
Ø Cost-efficient Hourly/ monthly/ yearly support packages save your money
Ø Onsite visits within 3 to 4 hours with the appropriate expert team, meanwhile remote diagnosis also carried out to save your time
Ø Customized specialists are available 24/7 for support and installation