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Backup & Maintenance

Devices such as Desktop, Harddisk, SDD, Tapes, SD cards, Pen drives handle digital data. They are prone to lose in different situations. So while implementation itself, quality measures are taken by frequent backups at regular time intervals. We are well known IT Infrastructure service provider in Dubai. Additionally, Data Security and Recovery services also handled by us

Server backups such as Database, Website & Email data are handled safely in the cloud environments. Certainly, In highly secured storage devices encrypts backup files to avoid unauthorized usage. 

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Hassle free Data Management Services in Dubai

Under those circumstances, frequent monitoring and troubleshooting will be carried out by our support team. As a result, high performance is achieved in the productivity areas of your business.

In addition, TOTCI also have different types of data security and recovery solutions based on business expectations. While developing the IT Infrastructure, our customer-friendly approach satisfies all your expectations. Therefore, it creates a perfect digital environment in a more secure way, throughout the year.

For more details contact us for the best AMC plans, Hardware and IT Infrastructure services in Dubai.

Step 1:
Based on your requirements and onsite analysis. We provide the best backup solution
Step 2:
According to your business demand, we integrate the Memory components and monitor frequently to identify threats.
Step 3:
Along with reports, we handover the data on demand at right time
Cloud Storage
Remote Desktops

How does it work?

If you are a startup or an existing business owner, seeking Backup & maintenance service in Dubai. For that reason, simply contact us through any one of our channels. After collecting the basic requirements from your side, our TOTCI expert team will visit your location.

Based on your business demand, we suggest perfect backup solutions at an affordable cost.  We will complete the Backup process based on your demands. Either Remote or Onsite backup will be taken, within the deadline mentioned by us in AMC. For maintenance, we go through regular checkups throughout the year and also on-demand.

Our Data security team ensures the safety of business data. In the same way, you can contact the Data Recovery Team to handle the existing security threats. Likewise, to recover the lost or corrupted data in your existing business

Furthermore, we also have a ticket support facility for our esteemed clients. According to your needs, remote support, as well as onsite support, will be provided.

Running your digitized business in a peaceful way is assured by us at affordable packages

WHY TOTCI Backup & Maintenece services?


Ø Perfect Infrastructure modules for New setups, Migration, Relocation and Remote demands
Ø Consistent monitoring and Troubleshooting throughout the year for our installed setups
Ø Dedicated 24/7 call support for emergency issues and within 15 minutes ticket system support for remote handling
Ø Cost-efficient Hourly/ monthly/ yearly support packages save your money
Ø Onsite visits within 3 to 4 hours with the appropriate expert team, meanwhile remote diagnosis also carried out to save your time
Ø Customized specialists are available 24/7 for support and installation